Thursday, August 13, 2009

cheap flights to Palma

On August 15th, over 3,000 people are expected to go to Can Picafort where a number of boats will pull up in front of the Hotel Sol y Mar.

Holidaymakers going on cheap flights to Palma over the coming days might arrive in time to enjoy an event known as “releasing of the ducks”.

The boatmen and women will then release around 350 rubber ducks onto the water for attendees to try and catch.

Until 2007, live birds were used and acted as a trophy for the lucky few who managed to grab one.

However, local authorities were persuaded to switch to yellow toy versions after protests from animal rights campaigners.

This free event could be fun for all the family and the location is situated about 60km outside of Palma.

People travelling to the city might also want to explore the Bellver Castle with their children.

This gothic style building was constructed from 1300 to 1310 and now attracts many tourists every year.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nairobi National Park Kenya

Noble black rhinos are the highlight of this amazing park, Kenya's first national park and a local treasure.

Nairobi National Park is unique. Situated immediately adjacent to the city of Nairobi (it's northern boundary marches next to the Industrial Area) this is Kenya's oldest national park which shows how the land was when Nairobi was established one hundred years ago. It is small in African terms -just 117 square kilometres (44 square miles) but contains within it several different yet locally characteristic habitats -plains, forest, riverine vegetation and steep and rocky gorges cut by the tributaries of the Empakasi river, which flows permanently.

Nairobi Park consists of high altitude savannah consisting of plains dotted with acacia trees. Here graze the typical savannah wildlife- giraffe, eland and zebra, though the wildebeest which were recently so numerous are now a thing of the past owing to the human settlement in the park's traditional game dispersal area. Nairobi park is East Africa's most successful black rhino sanctuary and is perhaps the best place to see this magnificent primeval animal in the wild. Despite the proximity of the city, the Park harbours large predators such as lion, leopard and hyena, despite conflicts with livestock-owning Maasai outside the borders. Several large herds of buffalo may be seen and the area boasts the most concentrated population of wild ostrich in the wild. Nairobi Park is a glorious natural destination not to be missed during a safari to Kenya.

Giraffe Centre Kenya

Kenya Known as the safari capital of Africa, this former Maasai watering hole is an energetic, modern city that offers a fascinating introduction to both wildlife and nightlife. Music clubs pulse with life, shops and markets bustle, and international restaurants sit alongside those offering more regional fare. Top sights include the Karen Blixen Museum, Giraffe Centre and the black rhinos of Nairobi National Park. The compact city center is safe to walk in and taxis make other areas accessible.
Top attraction is there Giraffe Centre, A short self-guided forest hike followed by an up-close encounter with tame giraffes make this a pleasant excursion to the south of central Nairobi.

having visited the Giraffe centre many times, I would recomend a visit to anyone going to Nairobi, it was a few minutes walk from where I used to stay in Langata and I went most days. The giraffes are enchanting and if you are about at closing time you can watch them leave the compound and cross the road to their evening compound a visit worth the not very expensive fee.