Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Giraffe Centre Kenya

Kenya Known as the safari capital of Africa, this former Maasai watering hole is an energetic, modern city that offers a fascinating introduction to both wildlife and nightlife. Music clubs pulse with life, shops and markets bustle, and international restaurants sit alongside those offering more regional fare. Top sights include the Karen Blixen Museum, Giraffe Centre and the black rhinos of Nairobi National Park. The compact city center is safe to walk in and taxis make other areas accessible.
Top attraction is there Giraffe Centre, A short self-guided forest hike followed by an up-close encounter with tame giraffes make this a pleasant excursion to the south of central Nairobi.

having visited the Giraffe centre many times, I would recomend a visit to anyone going to Nairobi, it was a few minutes walk from where I used to stay in Langata and I went most days. The giraffes are enchanting and if you are about at closing time you can watch them leave the compound and cross the road to their evening compound a visit worth the not very expensive fee.


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