Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nairobi National Park Kenya

Noble black rhinos are the highlight of this amazing park, Kenya's first national park and a local treasure.

Nairobi National Park is unique. Situated immediately adjacent to the city of Nairobi (it's northern boundary marches next to the Industrial Area) this is Kenya's oldest national park which shows how the land was when Nairobi was established one hundred years ago. It is small in African terms -just 117 square kilometres (44 square miles) but contains within it several different yet locally characteristic habitats -plains, forest, riverine vegetation and steep and rocky gorges cut by the tributaries of the Empakasi river, which flows permanently.

Nairobi Park consists of high altitude savannah consisting of plains dotted with acacia trees. Here graze the typical savannah wildlife- giraffe, eland and zebra, though the wildebeest which were recently so numerous are now a thing of the past owing to the human settlement in the park's traditional game dispersal area. Nairobi park is East Africa's most successful black rhino sanctuary and is perhaps the best place to see this magnificent primeval animal in the wild. Despite the proximity of the city, the Park harbours large predators such as lion, leopard and hyena, despite conflicts with livestock-owning Maasai outside the borders. Several large herds of buffalo may be seen and the area boasts the most concentrated population of wild ostrich in the wild. Nairobi Park is a glorious natural destination not to be missed during a safari to Kenya.


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